A Virtual Book Signing Can Personalize Your Readers’ Kindle Experience

by Lynnette Phillips

You’ve shared your message using the ease of publishing on Kindle but now you’re thinking you can’t take advantage of promoting a book signing. Well, why not?

Use Kindlegrah.com’s free service to digitally personalize and sign your readers’ eBooks.

Connect with your readers and promote an online book signing where you can provide an inscription and autograph for the Kindle edition. Your readers can purchase their Amazon Kindle copy through Kindlegraph’s site and the author receives a request to provide an inscription and autograph.

When Evan Jacobs, a former programmer at Amazon and creator of Kindlegraph, entered Doc-U-Sign’s HackerThon competition, I wonder if he was thinking about the promotional and marketing boon available to authors. Kindlegraph now offers personalized digital inscriptions for over fifteen thousand books from 3500 authors.

All anyone has to do to have the Kindle edition of your book autographed and personalized is sign on to Kindlegraph.com using their Twitter account, look up their favorite book’s page, select the eBook of choice and click ‘Request Kindlegraph’. A box will appear where a message can be written to the author stating how they’d like their eBook personalized and with the click of a button the autograph request is rocketed off to the author’s inbox.

Host A Digital Book Signing

Link your online book signing to a Twitterview [an interview via Twitter] and gain even greater benefit:

  • Create high-quality content,
  • Attract friends and followers,
  • Increase  search engine rankings,
  • Generate leads,
  • Drive traffic.

Instead of traveling to a bookstore or other venue to chat with a few readers about your book take advantage of a global audience online. You may even want to link your book signing to a virtual book tour.

Remember to build the excitement of your online book signing by issuing a press release and using your social media platforms.

Cash in on this Every Day promotional opportunity to build your readership; the only investment is your time!

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Lynnette Phillips is an author, writer, book marketer and publicist. She also appears as a frequent guest blogger and podcast interview guest all across the web. In fact, Lynnette was recently an event speaker for D’vorah Lansky’s Digital Publishing Summit.  Watch the various social media platforms for information about her next appearance and visit Every Day Book Marketing for more tips and information.

Looking for more info about Twitterviews? Check out  http://everydaybookmarketing.com/book-marketing/twitterviews/


  1. As a new author, I appreciate this information. Thank you for this post.

    • Lynnette Phillips says:

      Hi Imani,
      We’re always here to support authors – new or otherwise. Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  2. I love this idea! It will come in handy when I am ready for my next book release. Its a great way to create a more personalized experience for the reader.

    • Lynnette Phillips says:

      Great to be appreciated Carol, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. This is a great idea. Only trouble is doing my own signature with the mouse. It just isn’t happening.

    • Lynnette Phillips says:

      Problem solved Russell,
      Kindlegraph offers a non-mouse solution!

  4. your article doesn’t explain the last step, how the author gets his/her autograph on the book, perhaps that is explained in the kindle package. too bad it locks one into kindle again. thanks.

    • Lynnette Phillips says:

      You’re right Michael…Kindlegraph does walk you through the process. BTW, the world of technology is advancing rapidly and you will be seeing other options; in fact, who knows what’s in the works right now?

  5. Lora says:

    Thanks so much Lynnette. This is a truly a wonderful idea. I’m new to book marketing and am looking forward to connecting with my readers in as many ways as possible. You’ve always got your finger on the pulse!

    • Lynnette Phillips says:

      Congratulations Lora for recognizing how important connecting to your readers is to promoting your book and making sales! 🙂

  6. Wendy says:

    What a neat idea. A great way to connect with your readers.

  7. Having sat through a few uninspired, slow-moving book-signings (which would have been duds excepts for friends’ support), I am optimistic that a “virtual book-signing” could be a very nice alternative! Thanks for posting!

  8. Michael Melville says:

    As a new author I thought this was great, thank you for sharing. Im all signed up and ready to sign….ill have to work on my sig with a mouse however llol

  9. Amanda says:

    Lynette great advice as usual. I’ve heard you speak a few times and you always give great, useful, practical content! THANK YOU. Ill be using this for my virtual book tour this month : )

  10. Thanks for your kind words Amanda – congratulations on your book tour! 🙂

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