Why Authors Need to Care About Personal Branding

(Please join me in celebrating the virtual book tour of Rahna Barthelmess. Rahna is an expert in branding and personal branding and today’s guest blogger. She is celebrating the launch of her new book, Your Branding Edge: How Personal Branding Can Turbocharge Your Career with a virtual blog tour, and we are happy to host her as she explains why … [Read more...]

The Blessings in Serving Your Ideal Audience

by D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. I'm reminded once again why it is so important to know who our ideal audience is. In deciding on the topic for the article I would write for our Blog Hop party, this is the lesson I decided to focus on. Knowing who your idea readers are will serve you well as you develop your author platform. Answer these … [Read more...]

Unique strategy for repurposing her Virtual Book Tour content with award winning author Jo Ann Kairys

Jo Ann recently conducted a very exciting book tour where she shared multimedia content with audiences around the globe. She then did something very unique with her blog tour content, which I believe you'll be inspired by! You can apply this strategy to your own blog tour! d Jo Ann Kairys’ Transcript from Audio Interview on … [Read more...]

Author Interview Series: Mal Duane of Alpha Chick on the Power of Teleseminars

Mal Duane is a bestselling Author, Recovery Coach and highly successful Real Estate Business owner. Mal’s book Alpha Chick- 5 Steps for Moving from Pain to Power is an Amazon bestseller and the recipient of the Reader’s Favorite Award, The Pinnacle Achievement Award and the World Book Award for 2012. She has been featured on Fox News, CBS Radio, … [Read more...]

Dragons, Horse Flies, Computers, and Magic (For Writers)

by Connie Dunn, author of 10 Ways to Develop Characters Enter into the world of characters, where dragons are as common as horse flies and computers lend magic to everything. Imaginations can soar onto your pages and fill spiral notebooks or hard drives. Where else can mermaids dance and sing, or unicorns live in enchanted forests? No matter … [Read more...]

Successful Book Marketing Starts Before You Begin Writing: Knowing Your Audience is Essential

by Bonnie Groessl The first step to successful book marketing is knowing your audience. If you haven’t pre-planned your book, the back-end marketing will be much more work. You can save time and frustration by knowing your audience from the beginning. It’s been said that an average author writes the book they want, and then works at marketing … [Read more...]

Teleseminar Tips: “What is the Best Way to Record My Teleseminars?”

by D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. A powerful way to connect with your audience and build a relationship with them is to provide them with ways to hear your voice, your enthusiasm, and your message. This will give them a sense of who you are and provide a way for them to get to know you. Offering teleseminars is an extremely effective way to accomplish … [Read more...]

Collection of Book Launch Strategies – Feel Free to Add to the List

In this month's Book Marketing Roundup, we focus on books and articles that address book launch strategies. Enjoy and feel free to add to the list! Favorite Book Launch Strategies and Books … [Read more...]

Five Reasons to Write a Book Series

Enjoy this article by Dr. Jeanette Cates who is one of our guest faculty members for the Become a Celebrity Author Boot Camp! If you are an author or planning to be, you should plan to write a series of books, right from the start. There are multiple reasons why this makes sense. Here are five of the most important reasons to consider a series … [Read more...]

The 80/20 Rule for Book Marketing by Bryan Cohen

by Bryan Cohen The first time I heard the advice, I nearly laughed out loud. Spending four hours of marketing for each hour of writing? That seemed like a good theory and all, but I wasn't in sales. I was a writer. A writer writes, an editor edits and a salesperson sells. That's just how it works, I told myself. Despite my lack of faith in the … [Read more...]

My Books would Sell Themselves – or So I Thought

by Joszann St. John Thank you D'vorah for hosting me on this virtual book tour celebration for Sonnets in Waking Moments and allowing me to share my book marketing journey with your audience. I look forward to interacting with your audience and welcome their questions and comments. Writers get better with successive undertakings, something … [Read more...]

Internet Radio Shows for Authors – Tips from Three Authors Who Host Radio Shows in Our Community

by D'vorah Lansky Finding ways to share your message with your ideal readers will allow you to expand your reach and sell more books! One of my favorite ways to share my message is via the "air waves." Participating in teleseminars, hosting and participating in audio interviews, and producing your own Internet radio show offers you many great … [Read more...]