Create Your Author Platform in 10 Steps by @TonyEldridge

By Tony Eldridge Whether you are a seasoned author or just dipping the tip of your toe in the waters of writing your book, it won't be long before you hear that you will need to have an "author platform" if you wish to sell your book with any success. And if you are looking to land a contract with a traditional publisher, having an author … [Read more...]

Create A Unique Sound For Your Brand by @TonyEldridge

By Tony Eldridge So, you've read a lot about creating an author platform, complete with your unique brand. You have chosen your website look, pics, and colors carefully and you have been consistent in using them across platforms. You have chosen your user names well as you created your presence on social networking sites. Well done. You … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Grow Your Business Online

By Stephanie Chandler Studies show that more and more people are going online to make purchasing decisions. The Internet has fast become a tool for researching cars, finding real estate agents, ordering flowers, and locating unique gifts. This presents a tremendous opportunity for any business to generate new revenues. By placing more focus … [Read more...]

Is Your Book a Hobby or a Business? – Learn to Think Like an Authorpreneur!

by Dana Lynn Smith Authors write books for different reasons. Many write for the sheer joy of writing—the stories in their heads are just begging to get out. Some dream of being a bestselling author. Consultants write nonfiction books to enhance their expert status and generate income. People write memoirs to share their story with family and … [Read more...]

How to Build Your Author’s Platform From Scratch

By Sophfronia Scott Platform. These days it's the magic word in publishing. When a publisher wants to buy, they're not just buying your book or your idea, they're buying you and the many ways you reach people. Some new authors focus solely on writing their books, thinking they can work on their platform after the book is published. … [Read more...]

What is an Author Platform?

By Shennandoah Diaz If you have written a book, or even if you haven't, you may have heard the term "author platform." Many authors overlook this seemingly vague and often misunderstood term. Unfortunately it is by far the most important element of your writing career, aside from the book itself. So what is an author platform? … [Read more...]

Overwhelmed Online? 3 Steps To Start Your Author Platform Building

by Joanna Penn of Authors are now expected to be building their platform, their online presence, as well as writing. There are new social networks added every week, new communities and groups that look like they could be the next big thing. For many people, it is overwhelming and they don’t know where to start. It is very … [Read more...]