Digitally Sign eBooks For Your Readers

Books will always be an important source of information and enjoyment for readers. The desire to reach more people by publishing books digitally has attracted lots of attention. In addition to the publication of digital content comes the challenge for authors to have some way of offering digital book signings. With local, in-person, book … [Read more...]

Am I a “Real” Author If I Only Publish Ebooks? by Jim Edwards

by Jim Edwards For some authors this is a real concern. They write books to gain credibility and readership as much or more than they do to make money. Being perceived by others as a “real” author is very important to them, and for good reason. However, the world of “books” has changed dramatically in the last decade. What made you a “real” … [Read more...]

Can Our Kindle Publications Be Read on a Nook Device?

This week's book marketing question of the week comes from Terry M. who asks: "Somewhere I read that we can publish to Kindle and have our book available to be read on other eReaders: iPad, iPhone, Nook, etc.  Is that true and is this a way that we can publish to one place and have it available for each of the various eReader platforms?" Answer: … [Read more...]

Book Marketing Question of the Week – How Authors Can Benefit by Giving Their Books Away for Free

This week's book marketing question of the week focuses on the KDP Select program. The question is, "With the KDP Select program, we are listed in the Amazon Lending Library and we can give our book away, at no cost, for five days during our 90-day enrollment in the program. How does this benefit me as an author and how do I earn more royalties if … [Read more...]

Five Big Advantages of Publishing in Ebook Form

by Ali Luke, author of Publishing eBooks for Dummies Unless you’ve been undergoing a digital detox for the past couple of years, you’ve almost certainly noticed that ebooks are big news right now. With ereaders like the Kindle and the Nook well established, and with ebook revenue outstripping hardback revenue for publishers in the US, it’s clear … [Read more...]

Do Ebook Authors Need an Editor?

by Jim Edwards Here’s a question that eventually plagues any serious ebook author: “Do I need someone to edit my book professionally, and where can I find that person?” I’ve come across countless ebook authors over the years that spent thousands of dollars on editing services. Their results vary from ecstatically happy and “worth every … [Read more...]

In Praise of Timeless Topics by Marcia Yudkin

By Marcia Yudkin’s “May I include a quote from your book Writing Articles About the World Around You in the handout for my writing course?” This request came from a client who apparently owns all my books, including the one she cited, which has been out of print for almost 10 years. While I was weighing her request, I looked up the book’s … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Make Your Social Media Strategy A Time Saver

by Lynnette Phillips Social media should be a central part of your Every Day book promotion plan.  Why? Social Media is priced right, Social Media gives you a global audience for your book at your fingertips, Social Media allows you to build connections with potential readers, Social Media can drive traffic to your site and generate … [Read more...]

Your Own Ebook Best-Seller: The F.A.C.T.S. – Guest Blogger Jim Edwards – @realjimedwards

By Jim Edwards As an author, here’s the $64,000 (or more) question: With ebooks there's a lot of rubbish out there -how do you make your ebook stand out from all that? Writing a best-selling ebook isn’t necessarily everyone’s goal, but standing out from the crowd is what every serious ebook author wants! Most people who write an ebook want … [Read more...]

Take Your Book on a Virtual Tour: Reach 1,000s of New Readers! #authors

By D'vorah Lansky The Virtual Book Tour concept, is a relatively new one that is quickly growing in popularity. With today's rising gas prices and the need for authors to cut down on travel expenses, having the ability to take one's book on tour, around the globe, without leaving home is exiting, inspiring, and effective.  Here's how a … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Tools for Aspiring and Published Authors

The world of publishing has evolved, especially in the past year. With self-publishing companies becoming more popular and the rise of do-it-yourself digital publishers, it has become so easy to publish and market books. One of the first goals of an author is to develop their author platform as a way of growing their audience and generating more … [Read more...]

Digital Publishing Questions and Tips

By D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed., and Bestselling Author of Book Marketing Made Easy. Digital publishing includes eBooks and so much more. You can publish digital magazines, as well as audio and video content. Scroll down to share your questions and tips on this exciting topic! [listly id="1ho" theme="light" layout="full" numbered="yes" image="yes" … [Read more...]