Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: S. Yvon Harper

Meet Yvon: S. Yvon Harper is an author, coach, speaker, writer and entrepreneur known for her radiant and vibrant trademark personality. Yvon (pronounced Ya-von) is the CEO and founder of several companies including Focus on Finance, LLC. A premiere financial services company with almost 30 years of expertise in taxes and accounting. Jabez … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Martin Salama

Meet Martin: Martin Salama is a life coach, author, and radio host. He became Your Divorce Recovery Coach after finding the skills to recover after splitting from his wife of 24 years. He credits his coach training for helping him get through his divorce. Martin developed his 7 step system to help others going through divorce recover from their … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Jill Ronsley

Meet Jill: Jill Ronsley is a book designer, editor and publishing consultant with an international client base that includes writers, self-publishers and traditional publishers of award-winning books, as well as books by "New York Times" bestselling authors. She has worked on books in all different genres, from fiction to self-help , spiritual to … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Stephanie Carrothers

Meet Stephanie: Stephanie Carrothers is the author of the upcoming book, "Empowered Journey through Cancer." Driven by the desire to help people, she has worked in oncology the majority of my pharmacy career. Because her aunt and uncle were touched by the disease, she understood the challenges that can arise with this diagnosis. However, nothing … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Lucy Anne Jennings

Meet Lucy: Lucy Anne Jennings has been teaching children and adults for over 25 years, and selling her artwork even longer. She has an MA in Art Education, and is a certified reading specialist. She has sold her jewelry and hand-woven clothing at local and national craft fairs, but a few years ago she decided to devote her creative time to writing … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Gina Akao

Meet Gina: Gina Akao holds a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Higher Educational Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). She earned a scholarship to attend the Boyd School of Law in Las Vegas, Nevada's sole law school, in the fall of 2006. Gina offers consulting services to pre-law students who need … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Laura Laing

Meet Laura: Laura Laing is the girl who is convinced that everyone can do math. Really. As a self-proclaimed math evangelist, she rejects the idea that you are not good at math. Did you forget the tools that you need to do the basic math required to get through the day? It's likely. Are you afraid of math? Maybe. Can you overcome all of these … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Paul Lawrence Vann

Meet Paul: Paul is the author of the book, Living on Higher Ground: How to live with passion, motivation and joy, along with being a co-author of the book, 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career, and the Living on Higher Ground Coaching Series. He works with clients across the globe delivering empowerment speeches, certified life and business … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Liesel Teversham

Meet Liesel: Liesel taught piano and played clarinet for a number of years after a degree in music. She spent another 10 years in a stressful career as a computer programmer. Her passion has always been to work with people and she started her third career in the health and wellness industry in 2005. She was astounded at how many physical ailments … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Gail Siler

Meet Gail: Dr. Gail Siler, PhD, an international consultant and social scientist worked for more than two decades with corporations, international organizations, governments and communities to help people create positive change in organizations and in their personal lives. She was Associate Professor with University of Toronto for many years and … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Lynne Finch

Meet Lynne: Lynne Finch is the author of “The No-Cash Allowance” which has been named 'Best Parenting Book' by the Mom's Choice Awards®. Lynne started teaching her children how to manage money when they were in pre-school. When she realized she didn't have cash on hand to pay her children she solved her problem by creating “The No-Cash … [Read more...]

Celebrity Author Hall of Fame: Lucinda Curran

Meet Lucinda: Lucinda Curran, MA, B H Sci, BA, Dip T and more! | Author | Registered Health Professional is the author of Change Your Life: 50 Daily Meditation-Affirmations That Anyone Can Do. Lucinda has always been a student of life - exploring, being challenged and becoming inspired by life and all that it brings. Her passion is health. Health … [Read more...]