Why Authors Need to Care About Personal Branding

(Please join me in celebrating the virtual book tour of Rahna Barthelmess. Rahna is an expert in branding and personal branding and today’s guest blogger. She is celebrating the launch of her new book, Your Branding Edge: How Personal Branding Can Turbocharge Your Career with a virtual blog tour, and we are happy to host her as she explains why … [Read more...]

Digital Publishing Goes Way Beyond eBooks

By D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. When you hear the term “digital publishing” what comes to mind? Many people think of publishing eBooks. They are correct; however it is about that, and so much more! Digital publishing encompasses written as well as multi-media content. You can create audio recordings, video productions, and written content, in a … [Read more...]

Digitally Sign eBooks For Your Readers

Books will always be an important source of information and enjoyment for readers. The desire to reach more people by publishing books digitally has attracted lots of attention. In addition to the publication of digital content comes the challenge for authors to have some way of offering digital book signings. With local, in-person, book … [Read more...]

Book Blog Showcase – Leigh Wilson – Author of Surviving Financial Meltdown

The owner of this month’s showcased book blog is Leigh D Wilson Blog Address: http://survivingfinancialmeltdown.com/blog Title of Featured Book: Surviving Financial Meltdown: How to Triumph over Personal Financial Hardship and Unleash Your True Potential” Leigh, what do you enjoy most about having a book blog or author blog? I enjoy discovering … [Read more...]

7 Weekly Book Marketing Goals You Can Adopt Today

By Tony Eldridge When you're an author, it can become overwhelming when you realize you are responsible for marketing your book. You read a lot of blogs, books, and newsletters giving you advice to do this and do that; but the choices can be confusing. Knowing what to do and how to do it can be two different things. As you develop your book … [Read more...]