Virtual Book Tour Success Story – Gina Akao

By Gina Akao Enjoy this interview with Gina     There are very few people I know who are in the business of changing lives, but D’vorah Lansky is one of them. The term “life-changing” has been used so much in media today that it may be even cliché, so when I use the term, I don’t use it lightly. Almost seven … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Success: Dr. Jeanette Cates – Book Launch Tips: Having Fun As You Sell More Books

by Dr. Jeanette Cates (Enjoy this informative article where Jeanette shares powerful book launch tips, that have kept her in the #1 spot in her categories, over on Kindle, for over six weeks! Here also is an audio interview with Jeanette where she shares about her book a well as her strategies that continue to generate daily book sales.) As a … [Read more...]