How to Dominate Your Niche with a Book Blog

by Eric Van Der Hope (Workshop notes from the 3rd Annual Book Marketing Conference Online) Many authors don't realize that writing the book is just the tip of the iceberg, it's only just a small part of the entire publishing process. YOU as the author are responsible for marketing, promoting and selling your book. For the most part publishers … [Read more...]

Ever Wonder Why You Should Develop An Info Product?

by Lynnette Phillips of Boost Book Sales at Tuesday, when the conference started, I was eager to hear what Lynne Klippel would have to say during her workshop so I was a little disappointed to find she wouldn't be up until the last day of the conference. I should have known D'vorah had our best interests at heart by … [Read more...]

How To Create A Buzz for Your Book Using Social Media

Presented by Marnie Pehrson – Article by Eric Van Der Hope The typical Amazon Book Launch Campaign where the author encourages readers to purchase the book with many high value content bonuses has become an Information Overload situation. But there are other Amazon Book Launch Campaign Models to choose from. Authors should be looking for a … [Read more...]

How Your Author Platform Can Be Built From a Properly Designed Blog

A Fishbowl Training Master Class Presented by D'vorah Lansky – Article by Eric Van Der Hope In this workshop D’vorah offered a hands-on coaching opportunity to a couple attendees by auditing (she offered useful suggestions to improve the marketability) of their blogs/websites. Your author Platform is most important Online Marketing … [Read more...]

Plan a Virtual Book Tour

by Lynnette Phillips of Boost Book Sales at Dana Lynn Smith was on deck today to share a boatload of how-to information regarding virtual book tours (AKA blog tours); a terrific way for authors to boost their visibility and sell more books. Also known as the Savvy Book Marketer … [Read more...]

Social Media Got You Stumped?

by Lynnette Phillips of Boost Book Sales at I don't know who is more brilliant D'vorah for getting together all of these amazing marketing experts or the experts for sharing their expertise with us! Penny Silvestri of when asked 'does Facebook and Twitter make a difference' answers … [Read more...]

Want to Attract More Money?

by Lynnette Phillips of Boost Book Sales Bestselling author Noah St. John has taught tens of thousands of entrepreneurs his revolutionary system to make more money while working less. One of the most important things... Oh, who am I kidding? Everything was important plus Noah's presentation was shared with common sense and humor making it … [Read more...]

Become an Online Bestselling Author in Today’s Crowded Author’s Market

Workshop Presented by Kathleen Gage – Article by Eric Van Der Hope The biggest mistakes that most authors make that prevent them from selling lots of books are: They dont take responsibility for their marketing. The author thinks they can convince someone to read their book when in fact they aren't interested. The author doesn't identify who … [Read more...]

Valuable Content on Becoming a Bestseller

by Lynnette Phillips of Boost Book Sales at I've always enjoyed listening to Kathleen Gage's presentations! She is so generous in sharing and of course, passionate about her subject and this one was no different. If you are anxious to learn proven strategies to take you and your book to the top of the market and … [Read more...]

How I Made Millions by Listening to my Intuitive Voice

Workshop Presented by Steven E. Schmitt - Article by Eric Van Der Hope Steven’s presentation was on: “How I sold more books than 99% of authors on the planet and made millions by listening to my intuition”. Steven encouraged attendees to have the perseverance to not give up. - Learn to create a burning desire. Steven's 5th book was a bestseller … [Read more...]

Build Your Platform With Your Awards

by Lynnette Phillips of Boost Book Sales at Carolyn Howard-Johnson amazed us with a presentation based on using awards to build our platform. Carolyn disclosed gems gleaned from her books and shared the news of her award from the Military Writer's Society of America. She also explained how we can use awards to set … [Read more...]

Authors Need a Signature Speech?!!

by Lynnette Phillips of Boost Book Sales at Felicia J. Slattery isn't the only conference workshop presenter who has taught at the college level but I would be hard pressed to imagine another whose class would be so filled with laughter. As with all of the conference's experts Felicia exhibits a strong passion for … [Read more...]