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banner2Hi [am4user var=name_f], Enjoy going through the modules and applying the lessons. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the action guides, feel free to reach out via our Facebook group, or submit a help desk ticket via the support tab above. I look forward to celebrating your success! All the best, D’vorah

Getting Started

pdfGetting Started: Build a Business with Your Book Action Guide

Course Content

pdfLesson #1: Developing Your Author Platform
pdfLesson #2: List Building and Growing Online Biz Relationships
pdfLesson #3: Earn Income with an Online Course
pdfLesson #4: Getting in Front of Your Audience
pdfLesson #5: Marketing Your Books and Programs

Support Materials

pdfHow to Write a Sales Letter for Your Course
pdfList Building Email eCourse – Example
pdfInstant Teleseminar Quick Start Guide
pdfFree Conference Calling Quick Start Guide
Bonus Content
pdfClick here to listen in to a bonus training on Creating an eCourse

A Note From D’vorah

dvorah-250As you go through each module, study the concepts and apply what you learn. You’ll be laying a solid foundation as you prepare to build a business with your book! To make the most of this opportunity, be sure to join in the conversation, ask your questions, and share ideas with other participants, in our private group over on Facebook. Here’s to your success!