Five Simple Things You Can Do To Promote Your Non-Fiction Book

Writing the book is just the beginning, promoting the book is what will launch your message into the world. There are countless things that you can do to promote your book. What I’d like to present here are five simple things that you can do to promote your non-fiction book.

1. Set up a WordPress blog for your book. This can become the hub of your marketing campaign. Select a domain name that represents your book or your book topic. Brand your blog colors with images of you and your book cover. Have a page of testimonials about your book and post images of the testimonial contributor.

2. List your WordPress blog on (To see an example, look in the right sidebar on this site. You can click to follow this Networked Blog as well as list your own blog.) What Networked Blogs does is pull your blog rss feed into Facebook. You can syndicate your content on Facebook by having your blog feed automatically post to your Facebook page. (Here’s an example of one of my blog feeds on Facebook where I am promoting my book – Connect, Communicate, and Profit Facebook Page.

3. Add Social Networking icons to your blog sidebar, thus allowing your visitors to connect with you on the social networks. The social networking sites can become a main source of traffic for you so linking your blog to your social networks and  your social networks to your blog will create a nice flow of traffic.

4. Produce a teleseminar or teleseminar series where you discuss the content in your book. While you will of course mention your book and let people know how they can obtain a copy, you don’t want the teleseminar to JUST promote the book. Provide people with content, food for thought and inspiration. By doing this they will want to listen to what you have to say and you will begin to build relationships with people who resonate with the message of your book.

5. Interview people who speak on topics related to your book topic or content. Record the interviews and share them on your site. By doing this you will be building relationships with people who will want to introduce you to their communities as well as generating content that will benefit and be of interest to people in your community. An example of this can be found at

These are just five simple things that you can do to market your non-fiction book. In upcoming articles I will be sharing book reviews of some of the most effective book marketing books available today, as well as a collection of powerful book marketing tips that I’ve collected from marketing experts and entrepreneurs.

Please share your book marketing tips so that we can all learn from one another.
Thank you!


  1. D’vorah:

    Good thoughts how to integrate the marketing. Many folks are looking to write books as a basis for their expertise. You can tweet ideas from the book, show sample chapters in posts etc.


  2. D’vorah, Therse suggestions are keepers. Thank you for sharing them! I have two book ideas and have already secured the domain names for them. That will help when it comes time to create your first suggestion.

  3. D’vorah, Great tips on promoting your book. They’re actually great tips for anyone promoting any blog or website (with slight modifications). As for your suggestion to produce teleseminars, I’m already thinking what a great opportunity to post all or part of it to YouTube to drive traffic.

  4. Hi! Good suggestions! What do you think of the idea of getting bloggers to review your book?

    Another idea that I have suggested is to write articles for others giving some info from your book, but not giving away everything. A teaser of sorts, but something that provides people with valuable info.

    How do you find book signings to go? I know that’s a bit “old fashioned” these days, but when my book comes out I plan to try it. I’m sure it sounds a bit more romantic that it actually is. 🙂

  5. Hi there – what about a book launch party? I saw someone who did an online version of the party – she gave away a few books, offered it at a discount for one month, blogged about different parts of it and created a community around it. Seems like it worked pretty well and was unusual.

  6. Great ideas that can be applied not only to books.

    Tried to register my blog on but they claim my rss feed doesn’t exist. Strange since google analytics, feedburner and others recognize it. Wonder why?

    Like your ideas as well Laura.

  7. great suggestions for promoting your book. An online presence is a must even before you launch your book. Book trailers is another popular trend. After you publish your book you can promote it at speaking engagements.

  8. Good tips D’vorah.

    Do you find teleseminars better than webinars in the promotion of books and what are your thoughts about email campaigns in the promotion?

  9. Dvorah Lansky says:

    Susan, it is my opinion that both teleseminars and webinars are effective in the promotion of books. More people have access to teleseminar technology than webinar technology, thus they are more likely to utilize this medium. The two services that I recommend most for teleseminars are:

    If a person is comfortable with webinar technology, then “Yes” by all means, use them as a way to get your message out visually as well.

    Regarding email campaigns: If an author has an ongoing relationship with his or her subscribers, then YES, sharing book promotion information via email is very effective. If they have not yet established a relationship with their subscribers and they only send out rare updates, then time would be better spent in reconnecting and building a relationship with these subscribers.

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