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Program Content

pdfOrientation: Getting Started Action Guide
pdfModule #1: Creating a Compelling Giveaway for Your Subscribers
pdfModule #2: Putting Your Email Deliver Systems in Place
pdfModule #3: Crafting Your Follow up Email Series
pdfModule #4: Driving Traffic to Your Site

Important Program Dates and Q&A Conference Calls

musicstore Q&A Conference Call #1List Building Goals and Program Orientation
musicstore Q&A Conference Call #2Creating a Compelling Giveaway
musicstore Q&A Conference Call #3Putting Your Email Delivery Systems in Place
musicstore Q&A Conference Call #4Crafting Your Follow-Up Email Series
musicstore Q&A Conference Call #5Success Stories and Driving Traffic to Your Site

Support Material

pdfSample Email eCourse Lessons – Giveaway Ideas

pdf Sample PDF Giveaway for PDF Based eCourse

pdfSample PDF Giveaway – PDF Special Report



A Note From D’vorah

dvorah-250To make the most of this opportunity, be sure to join in the conversation, ask your questions, and share ideas, with other participants, in our private group over on Facebook.