Promoting Your Book via Your Blog

I’ve been reading more and more about how people are marketing their book via their blog. I’ve also seen questions posted on LinkedIn from people wondering whether or not they need a blog to market their book.

This topic is so intriguing to me that I’ll be writing a series of articles as well as hosting guest bloggers on this topic.

On Dana Lynn Smith’s blog she has a great article on the topic by her guest blogger,Fiona Ingram. You can read the article on “Blog Tours for Authors – Do they Work?” by clicking here.

Stay tuned over the next few months as Dana is actually writing a book on this topic!

What are your thoughts regarding promoting your book via your blog?


  1. Wish I could say I had experience with promoting a book, but I can imagine that using a blog should be fairly effective depending on your blogs reach. I know of at least three aspiring authors who have either used their blog in this way, or have even dedicated their ENTIRE blog to one novel. On one blog, the young woman has pretty much taken her readers on the journey from conception, construction, to publication, and it was pretty interesting to read her story.

  2. Paul, you are so right! Utilizing a blog as the hub of your marketing world is very effective.

    You can link your social networks to your blog and your blog to your social networks.
    You can create a speaking platform by creating audio posts of your radio interviews and / or teleseminars.
    You can create conversations and interact with your audience.
    You can host your videos and
    As you mentioned, you can share your journey via your blog posts.

    Paul, you mentioned that you know three authors utilizing their blogs this way. If appropriate, share with us their Web address so that we can see a first hand example.

    I love the idea of utilizing the blog as a way to journal the book’s journey!

  3. I don’t know if this pertains to ebooks too but I’ll give you my thoughts. I’ve only really dedicated two blog posts on mentioning my ebook. I’m trying to provide as much helpful information as possible. Maybe I’m not mentioning it enough?

  4. Well Dvorah, I can try to find the links. Here is one of them, although every time I visit her site now she has changed something. As I post the link, she has all her text jumbled and unreadable. I know she was recently doing a redesign so it may still be underway.

  5. Wow, aside from the navigation bar, her site looks AWSOME! Very classy and flashy!
    Of course it is not set up in a way that invites someone to explore or read her posts,

    There is so much that authors can do with a blog.
    I love the idea of authors having a virtual book tour and web tv presence on their blog.

    It’s been a super busy week with my book launch, sorry I haven’t been around much.
    I have posted several comments and have “followed” everyone who has listed
    their networked blogs link.

    My book launch party went really well!
    If figured out a way to embed my audio interview right into a blog page.
    Here’s the direct link if you’d like to take a look.
    I’m using embed iframe plugin along with my teleseminar service.

    Here’s the blog page with the iframe:

    What are you all up to for September?
    Oh, we may be changing to a new comment thread as it is past the 5th?
    All the best,

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    • Hello Mary,

      Would like to connect and stay in contact.
      I have just written my first small book with the “Messengers of Change” mini book program.
      But I want to write regular books after I have gone through the process of my first book, which is only 48 pages long. But the online environment extends the depth and experience of the book.

      I am new to this group as well, and hope to get good information and make great friends:-)


      P.S. the above website has not been updated for almost a year…the new one will be up shortly.

  7. I would love to write a book someday and these tips are very helpful. Thanks!

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