David-Hancock-150x150“Gaining visibility is essential for authors. One of the best ways to gain visibility today is via the Internet, and one of the best ways to gain visibility on the Internet is via a virtual book tour. D’vorah Lansky’s 21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour walks you through the process of embarking on a virtual book tour for your book. She provides a series of simple—yet extremely effective—strategies for getting your book and your message in front of thousands of new readers. Pick up a copy of this gem today and get ready to take your book on tour globally—without leaving home! There is no better way to be seen as relevant, current, consistent and everywhere!”
–David L. Hancock, founder of Morgan James Publishing and co-author of The Entrepreneurial Author,

Sandra-Beckwith“A virtual book tour has many moving parts; but with D’vorah Lansky’s knowledgeable and experienced guidance in this book, authors will be able to plan their own tours—and do it with great confidence and success.”
–Sandra Beckwith, publisher of Build Book Buzz and author of Get Your Book in the News: How to Write a Press Release That Announces Your Book,

5-Jim-Edwards“In an age when rising above all the clutter and noise online seems increasingly difficult, D’vorah Lansky blazes a trail to real results that any book or eBook author can follow with confidence. A well-executed, virtual book tour rates as the No. 1 way to get exposure, build credibility, attract readers, and develop relationships with movers and shakers in a niche—all at the same time! If you want to launch a successful virtual book tour, I know of no better teacher than D’vorah. Do yourself a favor, follow her instructions to the letter, and reap the massive rewards every book author craves.”
–Jim Edwards, eBook Marketing Pioneer and author of How To Write and Publish Your Own eBook . . . in as little as 7 Days, v2.0,

jo_ann_kairys“Virtual book tours help authors showcase their books to a broad audience of targeted consumers across key social-media marketing channels. A well-organized, virtual book tour campaign benefits authors by increasing exposure, credibility, authority, and influence. D’vorah offers great strategies and tactics on every aspect of structuring and building an effective and well-organized virtual book tour campaign that will help authors maximize efficiency and effectiveness.”
–Jo Ann Kairys, award-winning author of Sunbelievable: A Children’s Picture Book

Leesa-Barnes“Getting readers for your book is getting tougher and tougher. Even more difficult is attracting enough interested people to attend your book signing at a local bookstore. And with all the techie tools that you can use to promote your book, you can get overwhelmed trying to decide just what to use to get attention. D’vorah Lansky peels back the curtain on what a virtual book tour is, how to use it to sell more books to get more readers, and how to develop multiple streams of income. Not based solely in theory, D’vorah’s methods have helped her clients go from unknown to well-known authors using a well-planned, virtual book tour. Get your message in front of a willing audience by digesting 21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour, so you can easily cut through the literary clutter.”
–Leesa Barnes, a leading authority on virtual events

Craig-120x120“D’vorah is the ‘Virtual Book Tour Master.’ She has helped her students and clients launch hugely successful virtual book tours! She is a naturally gifted teacher with an ability to quickly make complex topics easy to digest. D’vorah’s training content is top notch and always delivered with precision and excellence.”
–Craig Cannings, co-founder of the VAClassroom

Eunice“Gone are the days when authors need to board an aircraft to promote their books. The Internet has created a world of opportunities for authors, including the possibility of taking their books across borders. D’vorah demonstrates a keen understanding of the nuances of a virtual book tour. I highly recommend D’vorah for her knowledge and understanding of virtual book tours.”
–Eunice Nisbett, owner of Savvy Book Marketing


Jason Matthews“D’vorah Lansky is a book-marketing guru with advice to help authors at every level of experience. Her latest book, 21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour, is packed with tips for making the most of online opportunities—from virtual book tours to author interviews and everything in between. D’vorah explains it all in this easy to read guide, sure to give any writer a boost in ideas and direction. Highly recommended.”
–Jason Matthews, author of novels and how-to guides for self-publishing


Mal-Duane“D’vorah Lansky has simplified the mystifying world of virtual book tours with a practical, step-by-step, plan for finding blog hosts, communicating with them, and creating content.”
–Mal Duane, best-selling author of Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power,


Della-225x260“A virtual book tour provides authors with exposure they simply would not be able to achieve with the ‘old-school,’ in-person book signings. D’vorah is a pioneer and expert on virtual book tours for authors. She has a wealth of information to share.”
–Della Bercovitch, co-owner, Book Marketing Services
“The pages of Book Marketing Made Easy are packed with practical ideas. Read carefully, and then repeatedly take action to apply the skills to your book. D’vorah Lansky is a skilled teacher who knows these strategies because she practices them.”W. Terry Whalin, author of Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams,

“Marketing is an essential skill for every author who dreams of making a living with their writing. The challenge is not knowing where to begin. Enter Book Marketing Made Easy. Covering numerous highly applicable online marketing strategies, Book Marketing Made Easy will benefit any author who wants to sell lots of books, gain visibility, and be viewed as the “go to” expert. In addition to marketing know-how, readers will learn proven systems to create multiple streams of revenue in simple to apply ways. D’vorah Lansky’s Book Marketing Made Easy is a must have for any author serious about being an author.”

Kathleen Gage, Book Marketing Expert and Internet Marketing Advisor,

New and established authors will find a wealth of practical advice for online book promotion in this well-organized book. The in-depth chapter on teleseminars is a real gem.Dana Lynn Smith, author of The Savvy Book Marketer Guides,
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“Dvorah Lansky has put it all together in her new book, Book Marketing Made Easy. She gave me, a book coach, who teaches these strategies, some great “ah-has” such as her inspiring interview techniques in her chapter on teleseminar promotion. Talk about easy! My book sales went way up after I experienced these techniques first-hand, when D’vorah interviewed me as part of her teleseminar series! This book can help you monetize your teleseminars too.” Judy Cullins, 25 year book coach and author of Linkedin Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales,
“If you think online book marketing is nothing more than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, D’vorah Lansky will blow your mind. Add to that a really cool section on repurposing existing material into new revenue streams, a ton of specific resources, and a clear, accessible style, and you get a must-read for any author who’d like to actually be successful.” Shel Horowitz, book publishing/marketing consultant and author of Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers,