There’s a Lot of Interest in Pinterest: Article Roundup

by D’vorah Lansky

While Pinterest has been around for quite awhile (2010) it has only recently begun picking up steam and interest. I’ve been doing research on and reviewing articles on this exciting new phenomenon and rather than composing an article sharing my findings and opinion, I’d like to share with you a few articles that seem to be “spot-on” and extremely informative.

(Scroll down for links to articles across the Web along with a recommendation for further reading. Enjoy!)

Whether you’re promoting awareness of a certain cause, want more traffic to your blog or are promoting your business, Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to get your message out there through the use of images. Here are just a few of the fun things Pinterest offers:

  • A visual cork board where people “pin” up things they are interested in, on specific topics
  • The ability to pin both images and videos
  • The opportunity to add a link to an image that either opens up to the image or that links to any site you’d like
  • Access for people to pin your content to their board. You then broaden your reach as you show up on their board
  • Pinterest also offers powerful search engine benefits

Another great thing about Pinterest is that you don’t need have to have a lot of followers to gain visibility. Pinterest is a very open website and people are always searching for images and topics of interest, so it’s easy to get started right away.

I hope you find this resource helpful. If you do or if you would like to share your questions, tips, or ideas on this exciting new social network, please scroll down to “weigh-in”.

  1. Podcast: Add a Pin It With Pinterest Button On WordPress by Charly Leetham
  2. What You Absolutely Must Know to Use Pinterest Safely by Michelle Shaeffer
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest for Marketing by Pamela Vaughan
  4. Pinning for Gold by Jeff Turner
  5. Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hot New Social Network by Rob Lammie
  6. Pinterest Drives Traffic and Boosts Visibility for Your Blog by Denise Wakeman
  7. Pinterest Frenzy. Will Marketers Kill It? by Tom Treanor
  8. Pinterest Articles and Tips by Tom Treanor
  9. Pinterest Marketing Delight by Annie Infinite
  10. Video: Add a Custom Facebook Pinterest Tab by Annie Infinite – contributed by Roz Fruchtman
  11. How Pinterest Uses Your Content Without Violation by Dave Copeland
  12. Letter for Bloggers and People Who Use Pinterest by Amy Locurto
  13. Pinterest and Copyright by Sean Locke
  14. Photographers Should Stop Complaining about Copyright & Embrace Pinterest by Trey Ratcliff
  15. Avoiding Copyright Pitfalls on Pinterest by Sara Hawkins
  16. Is Pinterest the New Squidoo by Bob “the teacher” Jenkins
  17. 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest by Beth Hayden – contributed by Mari Smith
  18. Why I Tearfully Deleted My Pinterest Inspiration Boards by Kristen Kowalski
  19. Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Drive for Women’s Magazines by Lauren Indvik
  20. Pinterest – The Hottest New Social Site by Dana Lynn Smith

Here’s to your social networking success,

D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., Bestselling Author of
Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online

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