Would you like the inside scoop of how to become a #1 Bestselling Author?

My colleagues Marnie Pehrson and Lisa Rae Preston recently took the book “Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income” to #1 Bestseller status in two categories on Amazon in less than 5 hours from sending out the launch email! And they didn’t ask for joint venture partners to donate dozens of bonuses and send out for them either.  Instead, they created a unique, one-of-a-kind win/win for the readers of the book.

They decided not only to share the inside scoop of how they planned it, but hand you all their promotions, website copy, checklists, jv communications – so you can use them to design your own bestselling launch! This product is pure inside scoop – no fluff or non-essentials – just the real “how-to’s.” You’ll see exactly what they did in their 16 weeks of writing, editing, jv partnering and planning – and be able to legally use their work for your own launch!

If you have ever wanted to write the words “Bestselling Author” beside your name, then “Anatomy of an Amazon Bestseller Launch” will save you months of trial and error!

They implemented a very unique set of strategies that worked like gangbusters! In fact, within hours of launch, they had calls for interviews from the media, a request from a national business publisher who wanted to publish
the book, and they’ve heard from a national television talk show about potentially showcasing the book.

This program influenced me when I took my new book to best-seller status. Best-seller status rocks! Well, now you can take your book to best-seller status too! Marnie and Lisa have decided to share their strategies with you – in fact, hand you all their hard work – so that you can save weeks and months in your own best selling book launch. If you’re ready to write Amazon BestSeller beside your name, then you’re going to love this! “Anatomy of an Amazon Bestseller Launch” will put you on the fast track to #1  selling author!

So many people have asked Marnie how they did it that they have created “Anatomy of an Amazon Bestseller Launch” – a step-by-step blueprint detailing exactly how they planned mega-successful launch. If you’re even thinking of writing a book, you’ll want to access this material.  No need to start from scratch, wondering what all is needed to go for bestseller. Learn from the successes and mistakes of folks who’ve “been there-done that” and save weeks of time and frustration.

In the Anatomy of an Amazon Bestseller Launch you’ll get:

  • Marnie’s mastermind interview with Lisa Rae on how they constructed the launch step-by-step
  • Marnie’s reveal-it-all social media strategy interview with Denise Wakeman
  • Her personal checklists
  • All the insider information to the launch
  • Screenshots and all website copy (several pages)
  • Every bit of marketing material the duo created
  • The exact wording of emails used with joint venture partners
  • Personal rights to use it for yourself
  • AND private email consulting on your launch

To find out more about this program click: Anatomy of an Amazon Bestseller Launch

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